Voorhees College Young Alumni Award
Nomination Criteria & Application


Nominations for the 2013 Young Alumni Award are closed.

The Purpose of the Award

  • The Voorhees College Young Alumni Award has been established to honor and recognize recent graduates of the college whose achievements, strengths of character, and citizenship serve as models to inspire and challenge today’s current students.

Conditions of Eligibility

  • The Young Alumni Award shall be open to any alumnus or alumna who graduated from the institution no more than 20 years prior to that nomination year. Nominees must have demonstrated exceptional achievement in the fields of service that may include athletics, business, education, entertainment, law, medicine, the military, philanthropy, government, public relations, religion, scholarship, science, and visual and performing arts.
  • The award must be accepted in person. If the awardee is unable to attend the Annual Hall of Fame Banquet, the Selection Committee may select a replacement.
  • No current member of the Selection Committee may be eligible for an award.

Nomination Procedure

  • Any person other than a member of the Selection Committee may submit nominations for the award.
  • Submission of the completed nomination form provided by the Selection Committee is required. The form must be typed or clearly written and should be accompanied with a one page explanation of why the nominee should be a recipient of The Young Alumni Award. The nomination packet must also include a biography, resume, and professional photograph of nominee. The deadline to receive all nomination forms is September 2, 2013.
  • Once nominations have been made, all nominees will be notified that they are a nominee immediately. Each nominee must then submit an official application and a one-page statement supporting why they should be selected as the Young Alumni of the Year recipient. This supporting documentation must be submitted to the Selection Committee by September 16, 2013 by 5 p.m.
  • The Selection Committee will then review all completed applications and make a selection based off of nominees' achievements in their field, community service, and support of their Alma Mater.
  • The Young Alumni Award recipient will be awarded at the Hall of Fame Banquet during Homecoming on Friday, November 8. All nominees will be responsible for selling a minimum of 16 tickets at $75 per seat or make a contribution of $1,200, which will automatically include 2 tables, or any combination of the two is acceptable. Meeting this goal is part of the selection process for the winner. All money must be turned in to the institution by Friday, Nov. 1, 2013.

    The three options of turning in all money to the institution are below.
    1.    Visit the link Give Online. Specify that your donation is toward the Young Alumni Award.
    2.    Visit the Homecoming link to donate your money toward the Young Alumni Award.
    3.    Mail your check or money order to the Division of Institutional Advancement, Voorhees College, P.O. Box 678, Denmark, SC 29042.

We welcome all nominations of individuals whose accomplishments meet the established eligibility guidelines outlined in the Voorhees College Young Alumni Award criteria for nominees. Please fill out the application carefully and submit the complete form, along with a one-page explanation of why the nominee should be a recipient of The Young Alumni Award, biography, resume, and professional photograph of the nominee to:

Voorhees College
Division of Institutional Advancement
P.O. Box 678
Denmark, SC 29042

For more information, please call Teesa Brunson at (803) 780-1194 or contact her at