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The Voorhees College Experience

Hoping to hide in the back of a huge auditorium where the instructor might not know your name from among the hundred or so on the class roster?

Then don’t come to Voorhees College, where the faculty and staff not only know your name, but want to know your dreams and goals as well. And they want to guide you toward achieving them.

With the small class sizes at Voorhees College – we have an instructor for every 15 students – you’ll never be just a student ID number.

You’ll notice the difference immediately, during a week-long Fall Orientation that focuses on making sure you know everything you need to know, from how to take care of your financial aid to where to buy your books.

Throughout your first year, you’ll be able – encouraged, even – to take advantage of our Freshman Year Experience Program (PLEASE LINK!) that provides you the tools you need to succeed academically and socially. You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in cultural and enrichment trips, as well as in seminars and workshops that offer tips on thriving during your freshman year.

And during your entire time at Voorhees, the Academic Success Center is available to you with an array of support ranging from tutoring to study groups.

It’s all part of the Voorhees difference. We think it’s a difference you’re going to like.

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