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Voorhees welcomes Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs

On October 11-14, 2009, Voorhees College will host a visit from the ACBSP evaluation committee regarding the reaffirmation of the Division of Business national accreditation.

Currently, the Division of Business receives national distinction from the association in the following majors:

  • Business Administration, with concentration in General Business;
  • Business Administration, with concentration in Finance; and
  • Accounting

The purpose of the visit is to review and validate a self-study that division completed, which supports and reaffirms the accreditation standards set forth by ACBSP. The six- accreditation standards that the division shall evaluate are:

  • Leadership;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Students and Stakeholders;
  • Measurements and Analysis of Student Learning and Performance;
  • Faculty and Staff Focus; and
  • Educational and Business Process Management

On-Site Evaluators for ACBSP are:

Dr. Paul C. Stumb, Cumberland University, Lebanon, Texas, Team Chair
Dr. Robert Gulbro, Athens State University, Athens, Alabama
Dr. Bryan Burks, Harding University, Searcy, Arkansas

2 Responses to “Voorhees welcomes Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs”

  1. Dr. Bernard Moses says:


    In less than 72 hours the visiting on-site evaluation team will be on campus, I would like to thank all of you who have assisted our Business School in our preparation for the reaffirmation of the current accreditation that we hold. I would wholeheartedly thank the physical plant personnel, and the consultant personnel who painted the building, laid carpet, repaired the roof, replaced the blinds, the whiteboards and windows. In addition, what can you say about our IT department. A splendid job! Thanks.

  2. Excellent one. Interesting though ,I see, that you and me have similar writing styles, and it looks, that I am reading myself. Weird, eh? :) You can check, for example, my blog to see what I mean. Heh,would you believe? :)

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