Transfer Credit

Transfer credits are accepted from an accredited institution of higher learning according to the following guidelines:

  1. Students must arrange for their official transcripts to be sent to the Office of the Registrar.
  2. Transfer students will not receive credit for courses in which they received less than a grade of "C."
  3. The course description of the course in question must be comparable to the course for which transfer credits are requested.
  4. Transfer students must meet general education requirements and the degree requirements of their major.
  5. Transfer students must pass the English Proficiency Examination administered by Voorhees College.
  6. Students transferring from other colleges and seeking credit for work done at that institution must have been accepted as transfer students at Voorhees College.
  7. Student transcripts from other institutions will be evaluated by the advisor, divisional chair and the director of records and registration.
  8. Students will be informed of the amount of credit which can be transferred before registration, if feasible.
  9. If official transcripts of students are not available for evaluation at the time of registration, students will be admitted provisionally. In such cases, evaluation of transcripts will be done as soon as the official transcript arrives.
  10. The "Transfer Credit Evaluation Form" must be signed by students, the academic advisor, the divisional chairperson and the Registrar.
  11. Credits for summer school, correspondence, and extension work completed at other regionally accredited institutions will not be accepted for transfer if the student has enrolled in an equivalent course at Voorhees.
Students must earn at least 30 credit hours in residence and spend the senior year in residence at Voorhees College in order to graduate from the College.