Environmental Science

The goals of the proposed program in environmental science are to:

1.      provide the fundamentals for understanding and assessing the environmental problems facing our society while providing the scientific background knowledge for devising rational strategies for their control and sustainability;

2.      prepare students to enter advanced academic studies in the various areas of environmental science;

3.      prepare students to engage in   work   that require knowledge of  environmental health, monitoring, and management and restoration and protection of natural resources.

To graduate with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Environmental Science, at least 122 semester credit hours are required: 

*General Education Requirement                               50

*Courses appropriate to the Major                              18

*Environmental Science Major Core Courses            42

*Restrictive Electives                                                   9

*Free electives                                                              6

Total                                                                           125

To view more detailed information on this major, visit the academic catalog beginning on page 81. Click here to view the academic catalog.