General Facts

Architects - Woodhurst and O'Brien
Total square feet - 40,673
Cost of the Building - $1, 000,000.00
Building Completed - 1971
The present building will hold approximately 120,000 volumes.

Pages from books, periodicals, newspaper articles and personal papers may be reproduced at 10 cents per copy, in compliance with the copyright law.

Copyright Restrictions: The copyright law of the United States (title 17, United States Code) governs the making of (photo) copies of any copyrighted materials. The Library will reserve the right to refuse to make copies of material in which the copyright is in force. Persons using the coin-operated machines are personally responsible for any infringement of this copyright law.  

First Floor


Card Catalog

Lost and Found


Pencil Sharpener

Periodicals (Bound and Unbound)

Public Access Catalogs (Computer Catalogs)

Reference Books 

Reserve Book Collection Circulation Area

Rest Rooms

Water Fountain

Circulation Office

Room 101

Librarian’s Office

Room 102

Secretary’s Office

Room 102

Technical Services

Room 103

Reference and Serials

Room 104


Room 105

Microforms Collection
Microform reader-printer copies are 10 cents per page 

Room 106

Computer Lab

Room 107

Listening Room

Room 108

Recordings     Room

Room 108

Student Lounge 



Second Floor


Open Book Stacks [Circulating Collection]


Student Lounge

Room 201

Conference Room 

Room 202

Seminar Room

Room 203

Staff Lounge 

Room 204

African American Collection

Room 206

Group Study Room

Room 206

Faculty Studies 

Room 209-211

Private Study Rooms

Room 214-252


Room 255

Special Collections/Board Room

Room 255