2013 2014 Class Evaluations

Voorhees College

eSMART Saturday Academy and Summer Enrichment Program

Classes Evaluation for 2013-2014

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Environmental Management


Your opinions are important to us and will help us plan future programs. Please complete at the end of each class. Click on the professor’s name associated with your research. It will direct you to the survey for that professor.



eSMART Professor

Research Instruction

Dr. Tywana Branch

Writing Instruction

Mr. Calvin Odom

GIS Instruction

Mr. Ronald Williams

Mathematics Instruction

Mr. Isadore Ray

Research – Emergency Management

Mr. Rodney Boyd

Research – Environmental Science/Biology

Dr. James Arrington

Research – Environmental Science/Biology

Dr. Doris Ward

Research – Environmental Science

Dr. Jianye Zhang

Research – Environmental Science/Mathematics

Dr. Xiqiang Zheng