Kemba Smith Kicks off Women's History Month at Voorhees College

March 4, 2013

Denmark, S.C. – On Thursday, March 7 at 11 a.m. in Massachusetts Hall Auditorium, noted speaker and author Kemba Smith will kick off Women’s History Month at Voorhees College.

Smith gained national notoriety in the midst of a criminal conviction in which lengthy terms for first time non-violent drug offenders came into question. Sentenced in 1994 to nearly 25 years in prison, the support and outcry from the nation and the world for her case led then-President Bill Clinton to grant Smith clemency in 2000.

After an abusive four year relationship, Smith found herself facing unjust mandatory sentencing practices as she was held responsible for the drug empire that her slain boyfriend had built. Through tireless efforts on her own part and those of her family, friends, and supporters, Smith’s case garnered enough attention that she was granted clemency by President Clinton.

As a wife, mother, advocate, national public speaker and author of her long awaited memoir, Poster Child, Smith has received numerous awards and recognitions for her courage and determination to educate the public about the devastating consequences of current drug policies. Ultimately, Smith knows that there is a lesson in each experience in life, and she has embraced her experience, learned from it, and is now using that experience to teach others.

This program is being sponsored by the Women’s Advocate Program and the African American Female Mentoring Program.