Tips for Succeeding at Voorhees

  • Always attend your first class.  The first class provides you with an understanding of how the course is organized and what is expected from you.  Purchase your textbooks the first week of class.  Learn your professors' names.
  • Attend all of your classes.  You have to be there to get the information, and the classroom provides the opportunity to expand material from a textbook and supplement the text with different materials and points of view. 
  • Always arrive to class a few minutes early in order to review your notes and reading assignments.  As such, you will be mentally alert and well prepared to participate in the class.  The better prepared you are for class, the better your notes!  The less prepared you are, the less chance you have for taking good notes.
  • Respect yourself, others and your professors.  Do not purposely try to intimidate/humiliate/embarrass/harass others or the professors. You will only hurt yourself in the end!
  • Sit close to the front of the room, especially in a large classroom.  You will be able to hear clearly, take notes from the board and eliminate distractions between you and the professor.  The closer you are, the better your ability to concentrate.