Earning a biology degree from Voorhees College means that you've completed a modern course of study that has prepared you for a variety of career options.  The curriculum stresses analytic and critical skill development, along with the knowledge you need to pursue an advanced degree if that is your goal. You'll be adept at using laboratory equipment and at digesting scientific literature.  You'll have the opportunity to participate in summer research  internships and workshops at major laboratories.

Graduates from the department boast a higher than average acceptance in first-rate graduate schools, as well as medical, dental and veterinary programs.  Graduates also have the skills, and background to pursue meaningful careers in teaching, research, industry, allied health and other related areas.

Degree Requirements

  • 50 credit hours of course work in general education requirements
  • 45 credit hours of course work in biology, four of which are biology elective hours
  • 20 credit hours of course work in chemistry
  • 8 credit hours of physics
  • 8 credit hours of computer science
  • 9 credit hours of mathematics

*12 of the required hours of biology satisfy the general education requirements.

 A biology major needs a total of 127 hours to graduate.