Criminal Justice

Whether you're interested in a career in law enforcement or whether you intend to go to law school, Voorhees College's criminal justice program will give you the background you need to achieve your professional goals.

Our curriculum is designed to make sure you're thoroughly aware of the issues, concepts, philosophies and theories in criminal justice. You'll learn to use research to keep abreast in your field and possibly break new ground as well. You'll develop abilities to deliver your message articulately, whether in spoken or written form. And you'll graduate with the skills you need to go on to a successful career in law enforcement or to pursue an advanced degree in public administration, political science, sociology or law.

Degree Requirements

  • 50 credit hours of course work in general education  Economics 231 must be taken
  • 33 credit hours of course work in criminal justice requirements
  • 24 credit hours in social science core classes
  • 15 credit hours of electives 12 restricted and 3 free

A criminal justice major needs a total of 122 hours to graduate.