Health and Recreation

The goals of the Health and Recreation major are to:

1.      Facilitate opportunities for and provide an environment conducive to scholarly activity of the highest quality;

2.      Ensure that students receive the finest professional preparation and career development experiences in Health and Recreation;

3.      Prepare students for advanced studies in Health and Recreation; and

4.      Equip students with the skills to manage interactions between people and outdoor resources.

The major in Health and Recreation requires:

*50 hours of General Education courses

*15 hours of free electives which include one (1)  social science elective, fifteen (15) related course hours

*A minimum of 42 semester hours of course work in Health and Recreation. 

A minimum of 122 hours is needed to graduate.

To view more detailed information on this major, visit also the academic catalog beginning on page 116. Click here to view the academic catalog.