Division of General Studies

You've decided on your major, and you're excited about studies that will prepare you for your life's work. There's more that you need to know, though, in order to become a successful professional, and that's where the Voorhees College Division of General Studies comes in.

The Voorhees program is designed in the finest tradition of Dr. W.E.B. DuBois, who believed that a strong liberal arts education is necessary for professionals to become scholars and leaders.

Through your coursework in General Studies, you'll master the verbal skills written and oral that you'll use to craft compelling presentations and to write persuasive memos throughout your career.

You'll get a grasp of basic economic concepts that will come into play when you buy your first home or decide how to invest your earnings.

You'll hone math skills that you'll use to decide whether that home loan is a wise decision.

You'll learn a different language studies that can improve your abilities in English, too and be exposed to a wealth of topics in the humanities, art and music.

Most of all, the General Studies program ensures that you leave Voorhees with the background and information you need to excel in our ever-changing world.

General Education Requirements

All Voorhees students must complete the following courses to satisfy the General Education Requirements of their degree programs:

*Cultural Enrichment: 72 hours
*College Dynamics: 1 hour
*English / Literature:  9 hours
*Math:  6 hours
*History:  9 hours
*Humanities:  2 hours
*Foreign Language:  3 hours
(Biology, criminal justice, and mathematics majors are required to take 6 hours of a foreign language)

*Biological Science:  3 hours
*Physical Science or Environmental Science:  3 hours
(Environmental Science was recently approved and will be added to Catalog)

*Economics:  3 hours
*Computer Science:  3 hours
*Physical Education or Military Science:  2 hours
*Speech:  3 hours
*Religion & Philosophy:  3 hours

Mass Communication


Contact the Division of General Studies

The Division of General Studies is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mailing Address:
Division of General Studies
Voorhees College
P.O. Box 678
Denmark, SC 29042

Campus Address:
Room 102, Matthew A. Golson Humanities - Education and Fine Arts Building
5564 Voorhees Road
Denmark, SC 29042

Division Chair: Dr. Lugenia Rochelle

Phone: 803-780-1179
Email: rochelle@voorhees.edu