Organizational Management

The VC-CENTS Organizational Management major is designed to meet the needs of students who have completed two years or more of acceptable college credit—approximately 50 hours in general education requirements.

The students in this program typically are working full time and interested in completing their degrees in the evening while continuing to work. Many of our students already are employed in businesses, government agencies or school systems and are interested in moving into management positions.

The opportunity to attend class one night per week on a year-round basis allows an earlier completion of the degree—the goal is 18 months. Students also can take advantage of a program that offers credit for prior learning, where experiences such as time in the military can be converted to academic credit. Courses are offered in three semesters in which students register in cohorts.

Financial aid is available as well. Students wishing to apply should contact the Financial Aid Office four to six weeks prior to registration.


Completion of the VC-CENTS Organizational Management major requires 124 credit hours.

General Education Requirements:  50 hours

Major Cohort Requirements:  48 hours

Free Elective Requirements:  26 hours

Module Requirements:

  • Module 1 - Technical Writing
  • Module 2 - Adult Development & Life Assessment
  • Module 3 - Group and Organizational Dynamics
  • Module 4 - Organizational Communication
  • Module 5 - An Introduction to Research and Analysis Using Statistics

* Writing Skills Development Seminar and Action Research Project Design/Library Seminar.

  • Module 6 - Social Problems and Their Impact on the Workplace
  • Module 7 - Principles of Management & Supervision
  • Module 8 - Managerial Accounting
  • Module 9 - Managerial Finance
  • Module 10 - Managerial Marketing

* Action Research Project Interview and Presentations & Writing Seminar.

  • Module 11 - Business Law
  • Module 12 - Human Resource Management
  • Module 13 - Strategic Planning
  • Module 14 - Personal Values and Organizational Ethics
  • Module 15 - Action Research Project

*Organizational Capstone Seminar.


Download a .PDF of the Organizational Management Brochure