Division of Education

Voorhees joins the state of South Carolina in recruiting and training students from different cultures and genders to teach all children. To become an effective teacher, one must acquire understanding and expertise to fulfill a variety of roles within today's classroom. Through the Teacher Education Program, prospective teachers will become:

  • reflective decision-makers;
  • skillful practitioners; and
  • caring leaders.

Application for admission to the Teacher Education Program occurs during the second year of studies at the college when the student has met the following criteria:

  • earned 45 hours or more of general education credits;
  • achieved a 2.5 or higher grade point average;
  • earned a "C" or better in EDU 100, EDU 230, EDU 232, EDU 234, and EDU 235;
  • passed all parts of PRAXIS 1;
  • acquired acceptable ratings on the portfolio, interview, and Field Experience I and II;
  • achieved a "2" or higher rating on Dispositions Surveys; and
  • obtained two letters of recommendation from faculty.


Elementary Education

Child Development Program