Computer Science

The general goals of the Computer Science major are:

1.   To prepare the graduate with the appropriate knowledge, skills and background to pursue graduate studies in Computer Science or related areas; and

2.   To prepare the graduate with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and background to pursue a meaningful career in business, industry, or government.

Computer Science requires:

*Math 231 and Math 232

(A total of 6 semester hours, as part of 44 additional semester hours from General Education courses)

*A minimum of 42 semester hours of course work in the major (Computer Science)

*21 semester hours in mathematics

* 8 semester hours in physics
*6 semester hours of electives.  

A minimum of 121 hours are needed to graduate.

To view more detailed information on this major, visit the academic catalog beginning on page 78. Click here to view the academic catalog.