The Academic Success Center offers students the following services.

Drop-In Tutoring

No matter whether you have just a few quick questions or need extensive help, you can stop in on a drop-in tutoring session to find what you need. The sessions are staffed by either trained students or faculty. You can find help with a range of subjects, including reading, writing, study skills, Spanish, science, mathematics and computer applications. Drop-in tutoring is designed with your convenience in mind. You never need an appointment simply stop in during a scheduled session and you'll find the assistance you need. Come as often as you need and stay as long as you like. Meet other students, sometimes even people in your same class, and form study groups that can get together during times when tutoring isn't available.

Fall 2009 Drop-In Tutoring Schedule
Physical Science 130
Tuesday, 6pm to 8pm
Arts & Science Building, Room 123

Math 100/131
Tuesday/Thursday, 5pm to 8pm
Arts & Science Building, Room 101

Math 131/231
Thursday, 5pm to 8pm
Arts & Science Building, Room 123

English 100/131
Tuesday/Thursday, 6pm to  8pm
Humanities Building, Room 130 

Spanish 131/132
Sunday/Monday/Tuesday, 6pm to 8pm 
Humanities Building, Room 126


Peer Tutoring

Sometimes you'll need something a little more formal or flexible as far as hours than what Drop-In Tutoring offers. Through the Academic Success Center, you can request a peer tutor. It's as easy as submitting a request online.

Interested in becoming a tutor? Simply fill out the application here and submit it.


Diagnostic Testing

One of the key factors in getting you off to a good start at Voorhees is making sure you're in the right classes from the beginning. That's why students undergo diagnostic and placement testing before they officially begin their freshman year. Either during SummerStart or fall orientation, you'll take tests in English, reading and math. The exams, created by a national testing firm, are designed to highlight your strengths or point out areas where you might need shored up. Some students feel more comfortable if they have a chance at a sample test, and that's provided online.  The sample test area also offers tutorials and test-taking tips.


Small Group Study Sessions

For some students, getting together with classmates is the ideal study system. One friend might have a note on a key point you'd missed jotting down while you might be able to help explain a tricky concept that wasn't quite clear in class. The promise to come to the sessions and help peers also can help keep you committed to a set study time. The Academic Success Center can help arrange these sessions. Sometimes, they grow organically when students visit drop-in tutoring.


Student Referrals

Sometimes, an instructor can spot that you're struggling before you can. That's where the Academic Success Center's Student Referral Program comes in it allows professors to alert us that a student needs extra help. Once we receive a referral from the instructor, we'll contact the student within three days to plan services. The student is responsible for following up. The help could be with time management, test-taking skills or course work. Whatever the need, we're ready to tailor a package that fits you.

Instructors, please use this referral form to alert us to a student who needs our help.

Computer-Based Instruction 

Need a refresher in key skills? We can offer that in the comforts of your own room through our online tutoring system. Quizzes, available at any time of the day or night, can help you identify areas where you need help and tell you how to proceed from there. Students often find that the computer instruction works well when combined with tutoring or study groups.


Student Success Workshops 

We all need help from time to time. In the case of college students, a boost toward better note-taking could come in handy. Or maybe you know the material cold when you're studying but freeze during the test. We offer a series of workshops every year designed to help with these common issues and more. Check back frequently or stop by our office for the latest schedule.