Residence Council

Just like any thriving community, Voorhees College residence halls are exercises in self-determination.

All residents are expected to follow College and Residence Hall rules and regulations and to govern themselves accordingly. Students can make their voices heard on other matters, though, by serving on a Residence Hall Council.

Each residence hall elects its council in August. The council supports programming, gives input into rule changes and advocates for those living in the residence hall. Council leadership includes a president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and chaplain, as well as one representative per floor. Other residents can be involved by serving on special committees.

Each Residence Hall Council establishes its own rules and procedures. The established rules must be approved by the Director of Residential Life and Housing, and they must be within the limitations of the college's policies.

The councils also administer hall council funds; review and approve a hall council budget; make proposals to the Residence Coordinator; review any agreements entered into by the hall council with outside groups; and try impeachment of executives.