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The Academic Center of Excellence (ACE)  is committed to empowering you to excel holistically from your first-year matriculation to graduation. We believe that all students can reach their academic goals with persistence, effort, and involvement with the Academic Center of Excellence. ACE will operate as a full-service, holistic, integrative learning unit focusing on students’ understanding and addressing real-world problems, beginning with comprehensive and intrusive strategies for students to self-assess and self-resolve problems. The ultimate success is that we provide you with opportunities to assess, learn and apply requisite skills to survive and thrive as college students as you evolve to your Next Level of Excellence.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Voorhees University Academic Center of Excellence (ACE) is to provide all students with intentional and strategic opportunities to increase and enhance their academic skills and abilities through cultivating effective learning practices.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to retain all students and launch them to their Next Level of Excellence.

Online Professional Tutoring Services
are available daily 7 Days A Week
from 10 AM- 4 PM EST.

Peer and Professional Tutoring Services:

 The Academic Center of Excellence provides peer and professional tutoring services using Outlook 365 and Thinking Storm platform to schedule and stream services to Voorhees students. 

Features of the ACE include:

  • Operational hours that optimize student engagement beyond traditional hours when most Millennial, Generation Y, and Generation Z students are prone to study.
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) delivered by peer tutors, faculty facilitators, and online support programs. 
  • Academic Success Series, a series of academic support strategies through face-to-face sessions, short webinars, and individual and small group meetings (e.g. How to Study for College Courses; How to Maximize Notetaking; Effective College Reading, and others)
  • Living and Learning Tutorials based on Supplemental Instruction and Academic Success Series established in each residence hall
  • Off-Campus Instructional Site support to include: Academic Success Series, face-to-face sessions, short webinars, and individual and small group meetings

The ACE makes use of the following to assist students in their college success :

  • Learning Express from the LibGuides in study sessions
  • Criterion Software for Writing
  • MyFoundations software enhancement modules
  • Khan Academy accounts
  • Writing Camps
  • “My Learning Style Assessment” links
  • Seminars on various writing styles
  • Specialized computer-assisted instruction to assess and improve academic skills in reading, spelling, grammar, writing, vocabulary, mathematics, and study skills.
  • Individualized computer-aided instruction and supplemental instructional modules in basic skills and other selected courses.

ACE Forms:

  • ACE Supplemental Instruction/Peer Tutor Application
  • ACE Supplemental Instruction/Request A Tutor Application
  • ACE Job Description
  • ACE Tutorial Agreement Form
  • ACE Survey

Meet the Staff:

Wanja Montgomery

Director 803.780.1339

Terrianna McCullough

Associate Director &First-Year Experience Coordinator 803.780.1130

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