Board of Trustees

Ms. Virginia Crocker

Ms. Ann Dennis (ECW President, Diocese of SC)

Ms. Karen Ellison (ECW President, Diocese of Upper SC)

Ms. Patricia Ann Golson, Esq. (Treasurer of the Board)

Ms. Veronica Gromada, Esq.

Mr. Alfonso Lamback, Sr. (Alumni Representative)

Mr. Brooks P. Moore

Mr. J. Milton Pope

Mr. Ralph A. Voorhees (Trustee Emeritus)

Ms. Jane Voorhees

Mr. W. Andrew Waldo (Bishop, Diocese of Upper SC)

Mr. Ronald Williams (Faculty Representative)

 Mr. Ben Bakayoko (SGA President)

Dr. Donald L. Fowler

Mrs. Gloria Donald (National Alumni President)

Dr. Matthew A. Golson

Mr. St. Clair P. Guess, III (Vice Chair of the Board)

Mrs. Mary Hepburn

The Right Reverend Mark Lawrence

 Ms. Mary Moule, Esq. (Chairperson of the Board)

Mr. Dane H. Murray

Dr. Prezell R. Robinson (Trustee Emeritus)

The Honorable John L. Scott, Jr.

Dr. Cleveland L. Sellers Jr. (Voorhees College President)

Dr. Michael A. Smith

Dr. Orlando H. White (Secretary of the Board)