Academic Advising

We'll pair you with a Voorhees faculty member who will help guide you throughout your career here. You'll have one-on-one discussions about your major, and you'll be able to ask questions about your courses.

Cultural, Social and Enrichment Activities

Whether it's a trip to the South Carolina State Fair or a visit to the Biltmore Hotel in Asheville, NC, the Academic Achievement and Retention Program offers excursions designed to keep you engaged, active and enlightened. We also bring speakers to campus—people such as writer and activist Nikki Giovanni—throughout the year.

Early Warning Referral System

We want to help you succeed at Voorhees, and that's why we have a system in place that lets faculty and staff alert the Academic Achievement and Retention Program staff if a student starts to struggle academically or socially. Once we're alerted, we'll contact you and see that you get any extra help you need adjusting to college life.

Living / Learning Communities

Not all of your college education will be in the classroom. You'll also learn a lot from your peers and from activities such as a book club or an educational films series. These programs offer a chance for people passionate about a topic to get together and talk about it in depth.

Workshops and Seminars

Our workshops run the gamut from practical—tips on time management or handling stress—to motivational speakers such as Michael Eric Dyson. You're sure to find something during the year that will either help or inspire you. Maybe it will do both.