Computer Science

Complemented by a fully wireless campus, the Department of Computer Science offers an array of courses designed to prepare graduates for cutting-edge careers in technology. The curriculum includes coursework in artificial intelligence, algorithm design, data mining, embedded systems, programming, and networking. You'll also learn to be a skilled communicator in technical and non-technical settings, and you'll become adept at working in teams and in multicultural environments. You'll develop an understanding of ethical and societal concerns that come with our emerging electronic age. When you graduate, you'll be prepared for the rigors of a master's degree program or for immediate employment in an in-demand profession.

The Voorhees computer science program also takes learning beyond the classroom, through internal and external internships. You'll have the chance to work with professionals at area and national laboratories, training that will let you in on the latest technological advances. The department also offers a certification program and on-campus internships in cyber security.

Degree Requirements

  • Math 231 and Math 232, as part of the general education requirements
  • 50 credit hours of general education requirements
  • 66 credit hours of course work in computer science
  • 6 credit hours of electives

A total of 122 credit hours is needed to graduate.