The English major is the newest degree offering at Voorhees College, and it brings with it a cutting-edge approach you won't find in many other English programs. At Voorhees, you won't study just the literary work—you'll also examine the cultural context that influenced the piece. You'll analyze diverse ideas and viewpoints, which will help you develop critical insight you'll need for understanding complex situations both in your professional and personal life. You'll learn to write critically, and you'll study a foreign language in greater depth, which will foster an appreciation for diversity and other cultures.

When you graduate, you'll be well-prepared for a career in academia or in any of a number of other fields where critical thinking and analysis are crucial. You'll also be able to pursue an advanced degree.

Degree Requirements

  • 57 credit hours in English requirements
  • 50 credit hours in general education requirements
  • 15 credit hours of electives

A total of 122 credit hours is needed to graduate.