Most people who think of themselves as "sociologists" have graduate training, but a bachelor's degrees in sociology can lead to a range of jobs in disciplines such as business, health, criminal justice systems, social services and government. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Interested in a business career? Apply your training to a job in advertising, marketing and consumer research or sales. Passionate about community service? A sociology degree can be your passport to working with a social service organization, nonprofit or environmental group. You'll also see doors open in counseling, education and government agencies.

You'll find that the research and analytical skills you'll acquire in Voorhees College's sociology program can take you down a variety of career paths. Which one you take is up to you.

Degree Requirements

  • 50 credit hours of course work in general education
  • 30 credit hours of course work in sociology core classes
  • 24 credit hours in social science core classes
  • 18 credit hours of electives 12 restricted and 6 free

A sociology major needs a total of 122 hours to graduate.