The area of English offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in English based on a liberal arts curriculum and a multicultural pedagogy.  Texts in English courses are generally taught in relation to the cultural contexts that form or inform the texts.

The goals of the English Major are to:

1.      Prepare students primarily for graduate or advanced study in English and related fields as well as for professional schools;

2.      Provide a strong foundation for an effective transition into whatever non-English careers the graduate may choose; and

3.      Develop reading, writing, and speaking skills in English and in one foreign language.

A major in English requires:

*50 hours in General Education program classes
*15 hours of free electives
* 9 hours of foreign language beyond GER
*A minimum of 48 semester hours of course work in English.  

A minimum of 121 semester hours are needed to graduate.

To learn more detailed information on this major, view the academic catalog beginning on page 70. Click here to view the academic catalog.