The goals of the Mathematics major are to:

1.   Provide the student with the appropriate mathematical knowledge and skills sufficient to be employed using this education in academia, business or industry;

2.   Prepare the graduate with the appropriate knowledge, skills and background to pursue a meaningful career in business, industry, government; and

3.   Introduce the student to the study of Mathematics.

A major in Mathematics requires:

*Math 231 and Math 232

(a total of 6 semester hours; forty-four (44) additional semester hours of General Education requirements)

*51 semester hours of 300 or 400 level mathematics courses, as given below

*6 semester hours of Computer Science courses

*8 semester hours in physics

*9 semester hours of Mathematics electives.  

A minimum of one hundred twenty-four (124) semester hours are needed to graduate with a Mathematics Major.

To view more detailed information on this major, visit the academic catalog beginning on page 84. Click here to view the academic catalog.