How to Give

Giving to Voorhees is simple. Just make a contribution online.

There are many ways to make a difference at Voorhees College—and many ways to contribute, including

The Annual Fund
The Annual Fund is one of the most important ways of supporting Voorhees College. Through the fund, alumni, parents and friends can make tax-deductible donations that will help meet Voorhees College's most important needs. The Annual Fund also includes corporate matching gifts. You can earmark your contribution for a specific category if you wish: the library, technology or scholarships.

Your contributions to the Annual Fund for Voorhees College help narrow the gap between operating costs and tuition revenue. Those funds must be renewed annually as Voorhees College continues to grow. 


Interested in making a lasting mark on Voorhees? Consider donating to one of our endowed funds or even starting an endowment of your own. The possibilities for are limited only by your imagination.

Endowments can be created in a number of areas, though two key ones are scholarships and capital projects. You also can create endowed chairs, a type of fund that pays an instructor's salary in the discipline the endowment creator wants to support. Endowments also are popular with donors who want to fund research or other scholarly work.

The great thing about an endowment is that your gift keeps giving forever. Only a portion of the money is spent while the rest is invested, generating interest for years to come that can in turn be devoted to improving Voorhees and helping its scholars.


Corporate Matching Donations
Many business will match any money employees donate to charitable causes. Be sure to check with your employer to see if there's a possibility of matching your contribution to Voorhees.


Planned Giving
There are a number of ways to contribute part of your estate to Voorhees, and many of them also have the advantage of reducing the amount of estate tax your loved ones will have to pay after you pass on.

You can designate Voorhees as the "payable-on-death beneficiary" on a banking account or certificate of deposit. You can make Voorhees a beneficiary on your life insurance policy or retirement plan. You also can make Voorhees a beneficiary in your will.


Donating stocks, bonds and other investment securities is another way to contribute. The advantage for you is that such donations mean the market value of the security isn't subject to capital gains tax.


Whether you have valuable land or artwork, these items can be donated to Voorhees, which can either use the assets or sell them to support the college's mission. Literary or historical collections also are treasured donations, for their intellectual value as much as their monetary worth.


Charitable Trusts
There are a number of ways to set up funds, or trusts, that will help your loved ones financially while at the same time making a donation to Voorhees. These include charitable trusts, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts. A tax lawyer can help you decide which of these options will work for you.