COVID-19 Vaccine Facts

Facts about the COVID-19 Vaccine

  • COVID-19 vaccines are completely free of charge.
  • COVID-19 vaccines do not change or interact with your DNA in any way.
  • COVID-19 vaccines do not contain microchips. Vaccines are developed to fight against disease and are not administered to track your movement.
  • Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine will not make you magnetic, including at the site of vaccination which is usually your arm. COVID-19 vaccines do not contain ingredients that can produce an electromagnetic field at the site of your injection. All COVID-19 vaccines are free from metals.
  • The vaccines cannot make you sick with COVID-19.
  • There is no link between COVID-19 vaccines and infertility.
  • Even if you have had COVID-19, you should still get vaccinated.
  • Young, healthy people can get serious complications from COVID-19, which is why vaccination is important.
  • If you have lost your vaccination card or don’t have a copy, contact your vaccination provider site where you received your vaccine to access your vaccination record.
  • Wearing masks, to reduce the spread of COVID-19, is mandatory on the Voorhees College campus, even if you have been fully vaccinated.

Sources of information: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and Voorhees College


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