W. Franklin Evans Honors College

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The W. Franklin Evans Honors College seeks to distinguish its graduates by deepening their development in intellectual, leadership, and professional competencies. 

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Study and Travel

Maybe you’ll gain study abroad experience in Ghana, West Africa and share your ideas with other students or perhaps you’ll engage in the Talented 10th Leadership Symposium. Through Honors College, you’ll have the opportunity to travel, study in various historical cities and gain acceptance in Alpha Kappa Mu, the National Society of Leadership and Success, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and more! You’ll lead various Honors College initiatives and participate in honors classes that offer more depth than regular course offerings.

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All components of the program will be an investment in your intellectual growth. Active membership in the W. Franklin Evans Honors College guarantees that during your matriculation as an Honors Scholar, you will be provided enhanced intellectual, leadership, and professional competencies that will lead to your acceptance into the finest graduate/professional schools and placement in the most lucrative employment ranks in your field. 

We assure you that being a scholar in the W. Franklin Evans Honors College is one of the highest “honors” you can attain as a student at Voorhees University. The indication of your membership in the Honors College gives you a more desirable edge on any competitive application and in your quest for acceptance into graduate/professional schools. Also, the W. Franklin Evans Honors College is a family of scholars; it is an inclusive community of Engaged Scholars who are steeped in academics, research, service, and career development. You will be on the front line to receive information and opportunities

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