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You can invest in Wall Street or you can invest in land. Perhaps the most important investment you can choose to make, though, is an investment in the future.

That’s exactly what a financial contribution to Voorhees University is: Money devoted to giving a young talent an opportunity to blossom. It’s a chance to change a mind about higher education and to change a life as a result.

The return on your contribution to Voorhees will be greater than any dollars and cents reward you might see from other forms of investing. Your support can help educate the leaders of tomorrow as well as enhance Voorhees University’s reputation for quality teaching, research and public service.

How? By providing scholarships that let deserving students concentrate on their classes instead of worrying about how to pay for them. By keeping our buildings in shape and constructing new ones, creating a comfortable, welcoming environment for staff, faculty and students alike. By ensuring that our professors have the resources they need to conduct vital research and to provide our students with the top-notch education they have every right to expect. By providing library materials and technology upgrades for computer labs and classrooms

What’s more, by giving you’ll be a prestigious member of one of Voorhees University’s Donor Societies and will be included in our annual report. Those who give at higher levels are asked to campus several times each year for celebrations, honors and events.

Change lives. Give to Voorhees University. Donate online or contact the Development office.

Contact the University Advancement Office

The University Advancement Office is open Monday through  Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Mailing Address: 
Office of University Advancement
Voorhees University
P.O. Box 678
Denmark, SC 29042

Campus Address: 
Center of Excellence
Denmark, SC 29042

Phone: (803) 780-1191
Fax: (803) 780-1198

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