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Grant Application/Proposal Submission Process

Proposal Guides to Major Funders

Institutional Information for Proposals

Organization Legal Name Voorhees University
General Business Address & Address for Official Correspondence
P.O. Box 678

213 Wiggins Road
Denmark, SC 29402
Type of Organization
Private / Institution of Higher Education
Congressional District
Authorized University Signatories
(AOR is the designated signing Official. DO NOT sign in these spaces.)
Dr. Ronnie Hopkins, President

V. Diane O'Berry, Vice President for Finance & Fiscal Affairs
Esther T. Brown, Director of Sponsored Research
Financial Contact Information

Project Payment Address for Agreements
Eartha Hammond
Compliance of Grants Management
Voorhees University

P.O. Box 678
213 Wiggins Road

Denmark, SC 29402

Phone: 803-780-1145
Fax: 803-780-1151
Federal Cognizant Agency
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 7700 Wisconsin Avenue, Ste. 2300

Bethesda, MD 20857

Point of Contact: Darryl W. Mayes, (301) 492-4855
Federal Wide Assurance Number
FW A00022593
Institutional Review Board Org# (IORG), Human Subject Animal Welfare
Assurance Number – Expires
Performance Site
Voorhees University
Employer Federal ID Number / IRS Number (also known as TIN)
57-0329786 (VC)
DHHS/PHS Agencies/Dept. of Educ. Entity ID Number (EIN)
1570329786A1 - Use on forms for all DHHS, NIH, PHS agencies and Dept. of Education applications
UEI Number
CAGE Code (Commercial and Government Entity Code)
NSF Institution Code
003 455 3000
Title IV Code
Date of Facilities & Administrative Cost Agreement
October 9, 2018
Standard F&A Rates
(calculated as percentage of Modified Total Direct Costs)
Voorhees University
50.9% 25.0%
On Campus Research Off Campus Instruction
Clinical Trial

Other Sponsored Activity
Fringe Benefits Rate

Budget Development

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