Spiritual Life

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In 1922, one of Joshua Blanton’s earliest acts as president of Voorhees Normal School was to initiate a working agreement with the Protestant Episcopal Church and its agency for work among southern Blacks and the now defunct American Church Institute for Negroes. The Voorhees Normal School, now Voorhees University, became affiliated through the endorsement of the two Dioceses of South Carolina. 

Shortly, after Voorhees’ affiliation with the Episcopal Church, services were held by the two Archdeacons of the respective Dioceses, the Venerable E. L. Baskerville and the Venerable J. B. Elliott. 

Thus began a long relationship between Voorhees and the Episcopal Church, a partnership that endures today.

As Voorhees moved into the new millennium, it renewed its historical partnership with the Episcopal Church. The Church alone cannot fulfill the commission without the help of Christian institutions of learning. Conversely, Voorhees University cannot, without the help of the Church,  provide effective teaching and learning that helps its learners to proclaim that the Rule of God is at hand, to select careers that nourish people for the riches of His grace and to Glorify God in this life and in the life to come.

And as the Church nourishes the spirit, the college nurtures the mind.

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