Student Government Association

Mission Statement

We, the students of Voorhees College, in order to maintain and strengthen democratic leadership among the college students; to give students opportunities for participation in the formulation, guidance, and execution of the College’s program, both curricular and extracurricular; to encourage good group thinking and action; to provide freedom in group action that contributes to the welfare of the College; to develop intelligent leadership and fellowship to uphold the standards of the College; to clarify responsibilities of students, their fellow classmates, and the school; to develop consideration for the rights of others; to improve students’ morals and thereby raise the standards of conduct and scholarship; and to provide not only opportunities for students to exercise the principles of democracy, but to interpret these principles through their daily living and to administration and control of the College, consistent with the policies of the institution, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the Student Body of Voorhees College. This Constitution supersedes all previous Constitutions. 

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