Project Success Emergency Aid Program

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Program Overview
The Project Success Emergency Aid Program is designed to assist students in dealing with unforeseen financial emergencies that, if not quickly resolved, could cause students to drop out of school.

Project Success Emergency Aid Application Process
After you submit your application, your school will carefully review it, and will notify you of approval or denial within two business days of receiving your completed application.

You will need to:

  • Complete the application
  • Create a user ID and password
  • Upload a copy of the aid request receipt/documentation of the emergency (e.g., a car repair estimate from the auto repair facility, a letter from the child care provider, etc.)

Your school will:

  • Review your documentation and application
  • Contact you about your application status (i.e., approval or denial) within two business days

Note: Funds are paid directly to the third party listed in your documentation, or in some cases at the school’s discretion, a gift card will be issued directly to the student. Grants will not be approved for non- emergencies, such as tuition, fees, books, parking, fines, supplies, etc.

You may receive only one emergency grant through the Project Success Emergency Aid Program in an amount not to exceed $500, except in extenuating circumstances. Grants are paid only during fall and spring semesters and are not available for summer terms.

For questions, please contact:
V. Diane O’Berry
Queen Smith

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